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The flooring specialists. At CPS flooring, we supply and install seamless epoxy flooring, wall protection systems, polished concrete and repairs to virtually all concrete surfaces.


Quartz Floor Systems blend ceramic-coated quartz aggregate with a clear polymer matrix, creating a wide range of finishes and textures for distinguished style and performance.
Ideally suited to commercial, institutional and industrial uses, these versatile systems can be tailored to your environment.

  • Available in a trowel system and a Broadcast system
  • Thickness ranges from 1/8” to 1/4”
  • Available in endless blends of multicoloured silica sand
  • This Seamless Floor System is highly durable and easy to clean
  • Available with a variety of finishes: non-slip, satin, matte, gloss, chemical resistant, etc.
  • Low VOC and odor
  • Trowelled cove bases are available

Ideal for: Washrooms, Showers, Labs, Corridors, Operating rooms, Pharmaceuticals, Car Dealerships.


100% solids epoxy systems are low-viscosity, epoxy resin based and solid coloured. This formulation is designed to optimize versatility and can be applied in a multitude of ways; ranging from smooth coatings, textured coatings, broadcast systems, slurries, and screed mortars.

  • Thickness ranges from 1/8” to 1/4”
  • Available in a variety of solid colours
  • Available in medium and heavy duty floor system
  • Finishes include: orange peel, non slip, or smooth finish

Ideal for: Janitors Rooms, Labs, Corridors, Manufacturing facilities, Animal care facilities, Food preparation areas, Kitchens, Clean rooms, etc.


Floor and Wall coatings consist of high solids, low odour, low VOC, finely textured, pigmented finishes. It produces a durable, easy to clean ceramic like finish on interior surfaces. Can be applied over concrete and gypsum board. Seamless epoxy wall and floor coatings inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and funghi.

  • A cost effective way to seal and protect concrete & gypsum board
  • Available in a large variety of solid colours
  • Can be completed in chemical resistant coating, in non slip or an orange peel finish

Ideal for: Medium to Light duty traffic areas, showers, commercial kitchens, restrooms, locker rooms, etc.


Cementitious topping is typically quick-setting and self leveling that is optimized for polishing. Its suitable for interior and exterior use.

  • Heavy duty floor system, with a compressive strength up to 3x that of concrete
  • Can be installed at 3/8” thickness to any thickness
  • Can be polished and dyed to be aesthetically pleasing

Ideal for: any retrofit/renovation/addition/revitalization. Ideal for high-end residential units, retail stores, warehouses, schools, kitchens, airports, loading docks, etc


Polyurethane Systems have been designed to perform in extreme service conditions, such as those found in the food and beverage industry, manufacturing and chemical storage or processing facilities.

  • The properties of polyurethane systems make them ideal for extremely demanding hygienic requirements where frequent and intensive steam, hot water, or chemically aggressive cleaning is required. This system can tolerate temperature ranges of -40 degrees Celcius to 90 Degrees Celcius.
  • The heavy duty system allows for heavy point loads and frequent heavy duty traffic.
  • Available in a trowelled down application, a screed application, self level, vertical grade for coving, and complimentary high build and roller applied top coats.

Ideal for: Industrial kitchens, clean rooms, water & waste water treatment plants, chemical processing and storage facilities, freezers.


Waterproof Flooring is an elastomeric polyurethane coating system designed specifically to waterproof, dustproof, and provide sound deadening properties to suspended slab mechanical, electrical, and utility rooms.

  • Seamless, waterproof, and easy to clean
  • Does not support the growth of bacteria
  • Impact resistant, good abrasion resistance and chemical resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in non slip and a variety of colours

Ideal in: Mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, janitor rooms, housekeeping rooms, sprinkler rooms, computer rooms, tub rooms, etc.


Ideal to seal newly placed concrete. Can be used on any horizontal old or new interior concrete surface where moderate abrasion resistant surface is required.

  • Non-yellowing
  • Colourless and odorless
  • Provides some chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Reduces dusting
  • Complies with environmental, health and safety regulations
  • Approved by the Canadian Food Inspection agency


Polished concrete is completed by grinding the concrete floor surfaces, whether new or old, with a variety of different diamonds to achieve a glossy finish.

  • The finished product achieves superior durability and performance to that of concrete.
  • As polishing is a multistep process, you can choose the level of sheen from satin to high-gloss that meets your maintenance and aesthetic requirements.
  • Along with polishing, coloring with stains and dyes, decorative engraving, and stenciled graphics finishes are available. Ideal for achieving interesting decorative effects by applying multiple colors of dye and using faux-finishing techniques.
  • Polished concrete an ideal flooring material for a variety of applications since it is so versatile.

Ideal for :Warehouses, Offices, Retail outlets, high end residential applications, etc.